3M Headquarters

Move Over Google! 3M Tops List of Where Millennials Want to Work

3M Headquarters

3M Leaves Google and Apple in the Dust

One of the reasons that Michigan Glass Coatings loves being a partner company with 3M Window Films is the constant innovation that the company is built on. Well, it seems that the next generation of workers are recognizing that also. Recently, The National Society of High School Scholars surveyed 13,000 students and young professionals between the ages of 15 to 32 and asked what their most preferred potential workplace was. Typically you would expect to hear names like Google and Facebook, but this year 3M topped the list.

Clearly, the team in St. Paul was elated at this news. The Star Tribune from Minnesota reported that 3M’s CEO Inge Thulin was so delighted when he learned the news that he walked over to Marlene McGrath, senior vice president of human resources, and gave her a hug.

“This is a big, big statement,” Thulin said. “This is incredible. It’s fantastic. When you look at Google and Apple and the others, we left them in the dust.”

When it comes to choosing a window film for your home or office, you want a product designed by the company that not only invented the segment, but continues to innovate and improve the technology to this very day. If you would like more information about 3M Window Films and Michigan Glass Coatings, contact us by calling 248-364-6667 or email us at info@michgc.com.

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