Window films can save your skin

Did you ever think window films could save your life? Because they can! Think about where you sit in your office. If you work next to a window with high sun exposure, but one that has a window film, the coating is preventing harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching you.

According to, your skin can age five to seven times quicker when it is chronically exposed to UV rays. Employees who operate next to windows plunge quickly into this category. Those who rarely adjust their seating so one side of their body isn’t always exposed will develop additional wrinkles and show signs of aging more quickly on bare rather than unexposed skin. So while that view of the outdoors may look pleasant, you’re sacrificing your precious skin for a bit of relaxation during the workday.

Maybe you sit a little further away from a window and the only sunlight that hits you is whatever streams through your colleague’s half-closed shades. UV rays are crafty, though. Half shut or not, they find their way through your building’s glass and to your skin, usually by reflecting off objects.

This is where 3M window films come into play. According to the same article by, window films cut down glare by more than half and have little effect on the amount of visible light that enters an office. 3M window films from Michigan Glass Coatings can block up to 99.9 percent of UV rays while still allowing up to 70 percent of visible light through.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help protect your employees, call Michigan Glass Coatings. They offer a vast stock of protective window films, including the popular 3M window Films, for residential and commercial purposes.

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