Window Films Cut Energy Costs

Michigan is still waiting for Autumn to arrive

If you live in many parts of Michigan, you may be wondering where Autumn is. The leaves might be changing and Halloween is only a few short weeks away, but the weather certainly doesn't feel like fall.

Average October temperatures in Detroit hover around 56 degrees, but temperatures to end September nearly reached 80 degrees. And the 10-day forecast, courtesy of AccuWeather, indicates that Detroit's temperatures won't drop below 61 degrees.

This warm weather pattern should be of particular interest to people who use window films in their home or office and concerning for those who don't.

Window films are the perfect way to cut home or office energy bills. Unless you choose otherwise, many are designed to not alter a building's appearance. One such film is 3M window film from Michigan Glass Coatings which allows between 50 and 70 percent of visible light to stream through the windows, while rejecting up to 60 percent of the heat.

So, maybe you don't feel the cool Autumn weather outside, but temperatures will certainly be more pleasant on the inside.

For those want to turn the fan or AC off, consider installing window films because it doesn't appear like Michigan's warm weather is going away anytime soon. According to Fox 17 west Michigan, "temperatures should continue to stay above average for the end of the month and into early October," because "the upper level ridge will remain over much of the country with the jet stream pushed north into Canada."

 If you would like to know more about the composition or uses of 3M window films call Michigan Glass Coatings today.

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