Window Film Growth

The window film market is rapidly growing. Will reach $8 billion by 2019

The specialty films market will rise 5 percent, from close to $7 billion in 2014 to $8.4 billion by 2019, according to the latest Freedonia Group report. That's terrific news for not only the manufacturers, but consumers who rely on window film installation as a service and a way to protect their employees.

While specialty films used in packaging and transportation will see gains, the type of material that will really benefit the most is window films used in construction for safety,UV protection and energy savings. Kent Furst, a Freedonia analyst, says the growth can be attributed to a "strong improvement in building construction activity."

Sun control films are extremely important because they help block harmful UV rays. Michigan Glass Coatings 3m window films filter out close to 100 percent of UV light and block close to 80 percent of the sun's heat during the summer. In the winter months, it also traps heat inside a cold room which can help lower heating costs. The savings could be close to 10 percent a year.

One reason the sun control film market is expanding is because more people are not only becoming more aware of its health and safety benefits, but also its low cost compared to sun reflective windows. It's often much less expensive to install films over preexisting windows than it is to replace old windows entirely.

Another factor that has helped the market is increased infrastructure in developing countries, providing construction companies with a lot more surface area to work than they previously had. Other reasons include an emphasis on energy security and government regulations.

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