Security Film In War-torn Regions

Security films are being used in war-torn regions

Window films are offering hope to warn-torn areas of the world. Places often devastated by mortars and rocket fire are benefiting from films that help hold glass together upon impact.

Toronto-area volunteer firefighters recently visited Mariupol, a Ukrainian city about 10 miles from the frontline. Their goal was simple: train local residents on how to install 16,000 square feet of window films on schools, nursing homes and churches. The plan is to help protect vulnerable areas of the city that house large populations of civilians.

“We were approached by a local group called GlobalMedic,” said Convenience Group owner George Turjanica. “One of their initiatives was to look after some issues in the Ukraine … They’re trying to [help] areas that are fairly close to the front lines.” GlobalMedic is a humanitarian organization that brings aid to those all over the world.

Rahul Singh, executive director of GlobalMedic, said the group could have chosen any number of Ukrainian cities, but instead focused on areas closest to the battlefield. Mariupol made the most sense at that time because it’s “the site of a lot of indiscriminate rocket fire and mortars. There is a clear and present danger to civilians.”

Security window films also made their way to Baghdad in 2003 after bombs struck the UN headquarters. Singh’s plan is to bring the films to other devastated areas of the world. “If the pilot project works, which we believe it will, we will try and expand the project.”

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