Window Films Safety Features

4 ways window films make a great safety feature for your business

Have you ever thought about upgrading your existing windows, but stopped short because you didn’t think you had the money? Well, think again. Window films offer you the same value of installing brand new windows, but at a reduced price.

Here are four reasons to consider installing window films:

1. Prevents break-ins

In 2014, 60 percent of burglars used forced entry. This includes everything from kicking in a door to smashing a window. Window films help prevent forced-entry because they don’t shatter like glass. While it won’t completely hold back determined burglars, most won’t linger too long if they face some sort of resistance.

2. Stops storms 

3M Ultra Prestige Safety and Security Series window films are made of 42 tear-resistant micro layers — a perfect solution to your hurricane-vulnerable business. Instead of replacing your current windows with storm-resistant ones, install window films which are cheaper.

3. Saves lives

In 2013, guns were used in 40 percent of robberies. Window films add another line of defense to your business which could help save a life. For example, after the Chattanooga shootings, Matthew Smith, owner of a window tinting company in Chattanooga, credited window films as helping to protect the city’s recruitment center from gunfire.

4. Stops UV rays

Placing your employees closer to windows can be as dangerous as it is inviting. Sure, employees will have great views of the surrounding landscape, but they’ll be harmed by cancer-causing UV lights. Window films can reject up to 99 percent of ultraviolet light while allowing over 70 percent of visible light to stream through.

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