Window Film Uses

3 ways you can use window films

Window films are cheap and simple to install. They are also easy to take off and replace. Here are three ways to use window films in your home or office:

1. Decorations

Window films are a great way to decorate your home or office. Use them as a mural to add some creativity to your kitchen or in your kid’s playroom to add color. They’re also a great way to also advertise your company. You can customize the films to showcase a logo or corporate message.

2. Solar glare protection

This summer you’re likely to spend some time in your sunroom. When it rains, you might even sit by the window and peer out, wishing for sunnier weather. While both situations seem harmless, you’re actually allowing UV rays to harm your skin. Surprisingly, clouds don’t block UV rays all that well. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, up to 80 percent of rays  pass through clouds.

Therefore, you want to take the proper protocols to protect yourself and your family. Window films help you do just that. 3M Window Films block up to 99 percent of ultraviolet light.

3. Safety

Choose from a number of different window films to help protect your home or office. The 3M Ultra Prestige Safety and Security Series offers 42 micro-layers of tear resistant film. The 3M Ultra Flex Window System and 3M Safety & Security Window Film Series also offers impact resistance.

Window films are the perfect all-around solution to safety, decorative and UV protective needs. If you want to learn more about how you can save energy in your own office by installing 3m window films, call Michigan Glass Coatings today.

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