Cold environments can hurt work productivity

Did you just exit your annual review having been told by management that you need to work a little harder? Immediately you blame yourself, but maybe it’s not your fault after all. According to a study by Cornell University, your work environment plays a major factor in how productive you are.

The study cites the room’s sounds, thermal and lightning conditions and air quality as playing a major part in production. For the most efficient employees, it’s best that all of these conditions are well balanced.

Let’s discuss how temperature plays a role in employees’ performance and overall costs and how window films can play a major factor in improving both. According to the study, the lower the temperature, the more mistakes employees made. Specifically, when the room was 68 degrees Fahrenheit they made 44 percent more mistakes than when the room was at optimal room temperature or at least 77 degrees.

Low temperature tends to distract employees. They’re more focused on getting warm and thus, using more energy doing so, then filtering that energy into their workload. As a result, costs are also affected. As temperatures went down, costs rose due to an increase in energy consumption from heaters and a decrease in work production due to mistakes.

Window films can help you solve this problem. Michigan Glass Coatings’ 3M prestige, 3M Ceramic and 3M Night Vision series help keep your office’s temperatures better regulated. At the same time they block up to 99 percent of UV rays.

If you want to learn more about how you can improve worker productivity in your office by installing 3m window films call Michigan Glass Coatings today.

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