Energy Efficient Sunroom

3 ways to create an energy efficient sunroom

Let's say you just moved into a new home and you've been waiting all spring to finally sit out in your sunroom and look at something other than snow. However, you've noticed lately that it gets really hot and you want to reduce the room's temperature. Here are a few reasons temperatures increase:

1. Windows

The most important aspect of a sunroom is the windows. After all, about 50 percent of the room is glass. Window films are the perfect way to improve upon your current sunroom windows. First, they block harmful solar glare. Remember, while your sunroom is inside your house, it's still exposed to harmful UV rays which can damage your skin and your furniture. Window films also are the perfect way to moderate temperatures for maximum comfort.

2. Sunroom Insulation

Walls are an important part of energy efficient sunrooms. Talk to a contractor who can help determine the type of material the wall should be, such as water walls or mass walls, as well as its quality. Properly installed walls can absorb and release heat into the inside of the house at night, which further reduces your home's energy usage.

3. Thermal Mass

Thermal mass sounds like a term you'd only hear in a sci-fi movie, but it actually perfectly describes how you should decorate your sunroom. To reduce temperature, stock your room with dense materials that soak up heat when exposed to sunlight. Use concrete or tiled floors instead of wood or carpet. Place an abundance of plant life, which also reduces heat.

If you want to learn more about how you can save energy in your own sunroom by installing 3m window films call Michigan Glass Coatings today.

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