Window film helps to prevent skin cancer

Skin cancer poses a significant health threat in the United States. Each year, around 63,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma and 9,000 die from the disease. Exposure to UV radiation is a major cause of melanoma and other types of skin cancer, so the Skin Cancer Society recommends limiting your exposure as much as possible. Installing window film in your home is one excellent way to do this.

Although everyone knows to wear sunscreen outside, UV radiation can reach your skin indoors as well. While glass generally blocks UVB rays, at least half of UVA rays will make it through your closed windows. 

"To see the damage that untreated glass can do, take a close look at the furnishings in your home that are hit by direct sunlight," explains Perry Robins, the president of The Skin Cancer Foundation. "If the sun has faded the color of your sofa, it can just as easily damage your skin when you sit there."

The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests using window film, which "block[s] up to 99.9 percent of UVA radiation" while still letting a lot of light into your home or office building. The foundation has even given its Seal of Recommendation to a number of brands of window film, including film produced by 3M.  The Seal denotes a window film's ability to provide protection from UV rays.

The Surgeon General has also issued a "Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer," in which he recommends that businesses find methods of protecting their employees from the UV radiation that comes through windows.

To learn more about installing sun control window film in your own home or office, contact Michigan Glass Coatings today!

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