Improve Home Resale Value

How can window film improve home resale value?

Selling your home involves the arduous and often expensive process of making home improvements. For a cheap and easy improvement project that will increase your home's resale value, consider installing window film. 

Modern homebuyers are highly aware of the importance of energy efficiency. A home that uses less energy will not only benefit the environment, but also greatly lower your utility bills. Sun control window film helps to prevent excessive solar heat from entering your home, which lowers air conditioning costs in the summer.  You can choose film that will block solar heat without obstructing your view or preventing desirable natural light from entering your home. For this reason, window film is a preferable alternative to drapes.

Window film provides other benefits that will be attractive to homebuyers, such as the ability to protect you from UV radiation that can lead to skin cancer. It will also prevent your furniture and other belongings from sustaining sun damage that will cause them to fade over time. In terms of security advantages, window film will protect glass from breaking in the event of harsh weather or an attempted home invasion.

Your home's physical appearance is also highly important when you're looking for a buyer, and window film will not interfere with your home's "curb appeal." You can select clear film, or even add aesthetic interest by opting for a decorative window film.

Most importantly, you can make this major home improvement without breaking your budget. The International Window Film Association reports that window film can be as much as 90 percent less expensive than full window replacement, while providing many of the same benefits.

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