Spring Decorating

Spring decorating with window film

Michigan might have exchanged the snow for long bouts of rain, but that doesn't mean it's not spring! The sun will soon shine through the gray clouds and the warm temperatures will have you exchanging rain boots for sandals. 

The changing season is also the perfect time to do some decorating around the home. If you're a spring cleaner, the first step is to get rid of all the junk in your home and give the entire space a good scrub down. Finally, bring the season into your home with a few spring decor tips:

Add color: Winter was for drab and lifeless walls. Spring is all about warm shades. There might be rules around decorating with color, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment. Make a room pop with a few bright baubles. Add wallpaper to one wall in your home as a statement. If you prefer paint, choose a shade for the ceiling (pale blue can make it seem like there's no ceiling at all) or a single wall.

Rearrange: Simply rearranging your current furniture can breathe life into a home. Try switching out night tables for a coffee table, or use a bench in the hallway as an end-piece for your bed. Let furniture that tends to get lost in the background shine in the spotlight.

Let in the light: Get rid of the winter drapes and use sheers, roman shades or window film instead. Solar window film has multiple purposes. It can let in natural light, while keeping heat and harmful UV rays out of your home. Decorative window film can add beautiful texture to your windows, improving their appearance from inside and out.

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