Preserve Hardwood Floors

Preserve hardwood floors with window film

Hardwood floors are undeniably beautiful. They bring a rich, warm splendor to the home that makes them wor​th the investment.

However, many people balk at the idea of hardwood flooring. After all, don't they require a lot of upkeep? Aren't they easily damaged? Wrong.

Hardwood is surprisingly simple to clean and maintain. You don't need expensive polishes to make sure your floor looks pristine for years and years.

Here are a few tips to help you preserve your gorgeous hardwood floors:

  • Dirt accumulation eats away at floor luster, but this is easily preventable by regularly removing dust and crumbs from the floor. No need to invest in heavy-duty tools — sweeping, dry mopping or vacuuming work just fine.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur. Moisture is very bad for hardwood floors if it is allowed to soak in.
  • Mop once a week, but make sure that the mop is damp not dripping. Use warm water for the best cleaning. Chemical cleaners can affect the look of floors, so stick to water.
  • Muddy spots can be spot-cleaned using a mixture of mild dish soap and a small amount of water.

However, the best way to maintain your hardwood floors over the years is to use window films. You might be thinking: "What does window film have to do with my floor?" A lot, actually. Sunlight that enters through windows is a leading cause of hardwood floor fading and other types of damage due to its heat and UV rays.

Solar window film is developed to block ultraviolet radiation and heat, making it the perfect partner in hardwood floor maintenance.

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