Improve Office Aesthetics

Window film improves office aesthetics

It's undeniable: the better a place looks, the more positive we feel about spending time there. 

A study conducted by Elizabeth Siler, of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "explored the importance of aesthetics — beauty or its lack — in the day-to-day lives of people in organizations by exploring individuals' meanings of and experiences of their offices." The study found that employees were more positive about workplaces that reflected the quality of work they did, were functional and were aesthetically pleasing. Employees were more likely to think negatively of a company as a whole if the workspace was not pleasing to the eye.

According to Chris Hann of Entrepreneur, "How a business furnishes its work space can define the company culture and help its employees thrive. […] The design of any workplace says a lot about the employer, and […] is a direct reflection on the company's leadership."

For offices looking to increase the appeal of their workspace without draining the budget, decorative window film can give your office sharpness while also serving a practical purpose. 

3M's Fasara Decorative Window Film series offers a number of designs, such as etched, cut, sand-blasted or textured, to mimic the look of high-quality decorative window panes. Decorative window film can add beauty to your office windows, or can be used on partition screens to create stylish and private cubicles for employees. With the help of professionals, the film is quickly applied and can be just as quickly removed, should you want to regularly update your office's design.

Michigan Glass Coatings serves businesses in the Michigan area and has been the most trusted window film installation service in the metro Detroit area for nearly 35 years. Our experience with 3M window film makes us the right choice for your business.

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