Window Film Application

How is window film applied?

Window film is an excellent investment for any home or business owner to make. Not only can it protect from the harmful effects of the sun all year round, it can also insulate windows and improve safety by preventing shattering. If you are thinking of purchasing window film you probably have a lot of questions, one of which might be: How is window film applied?

Most window films, regardless of type, have a standard installation procedure that all professionals follow. Application begins with a thorough cleaning of the entire window surface. After a good scrub down, which removes dirt, dust and debris, professionals will measure your window and cut the film, leaving an additional 3/4 to 1 inch of extra material on all sides of the film. 

The next step involves exposing the adhesive coating. The professional installer will peel away the protective liner from the adhesive. It is important to ensure that the film does not stick to itself during this part (like a long piece of tape that folds in on itself), so many technicians will work together so that this part goes smoothly. Quick work is essential so that dust and dirt has as little chance as possible to settle on the film.

A lot of window film adhesives need to be activated with water to reach full sticking power, so the film and window are both spayed with a wetting solution. The film is then carefully and confidently applied to the window, with the adhesive side in. Bubbles can be smoothed out using a squeegee, and the film is trimmed down to the perfect size once all imperfections have been removed.

The final step is the curing process, which can take anywhere between a day or two to a month.

Some people choose to install window film on their own, instead of hiring a professional. This can cause serious problems in installation and prevents you from claiming the benefits of a professional warranty. The costs savings of personal application are often canceled out by the additional expenses incurred due to mistakes. Michigan Glass Coatings offers services that ensure you will have a perfect window at the end of your project.

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