Improve Window Security

How to improve window security

Glass windows are a wonderful invention. They allow in natural light while protecting your home from the more undesirable elements of nature.

Clear glass windows are also, however, quite vulnerable to theft. Locks on doors and security cameras won't stop the determined criminal. Even alarm systems give robbers a good 10 to 15 minutes to cause some serious damage before police arrive.

"If someone can gain entry through a window undetected, they could move product, vandalize your property, or threaten human life without ever opening a door," Tom Connaughton, global director of life safety and security services for Intertek, a third-party product testing and certification body, explained to

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to strengthen the weakest link in your home:

Mesh: Metal wire barriers are excellent deterrents, since they add an extra layer for intruders to break through. The more work a thief has to do to enter, the less likely they are to try. However, some homeowners many have issues with unsightly mesh on the inside or outside of their windows.

Perimeter alarms: Windows are often the last line of defense between an intruder and your home, which means that you don't want to find out about a break-in just as the windows are being opened. Alarms that are situated on property perimeters give authorities a better opportunity of apprehending the criminal by alerting them about the possible theft early on.

Security window film: Window film is an excellent option for people who want their windows protected without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. 3M security film creates a stronger barrier by reinforcing window glass, without reducing the amount of light that enters your home.

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