Energy Costs

Simple tips to keep home energy costs down

Energy costs tend to rise during the winter months. As homeowners fire up their heaters, electric and gas bills can quickly get out of hand. Luckily there are a few simple ways to keep energy bills low, while still keeping the cold out.

  • Change your furnace filter: Most people have heard this one before, but something as elementary as changing a furnace filter can make a big difference. It is difficult for air to pass through a heavily clogged filter, which means your furnace has to work harder to keep air flowing and deliver you heat. Ultimately this ends up costing you more money.
  • Wrap hot water pipes: Energy loss from hot water pipes is a huge issue. Not only does it prevent you having a nice hot shower in the cold morning, your water heater ends up doing all the work anyway. So you will see all the regular costs on your bill, without being able to revel in the warmth of a comforting bath. Wrapping hot water pipes insulates them and ensure that no heat escapes.
  • Seal doors: The small amount of space between your doors and the floor might not seem significant, but energy can be lost through the smallest of cracks. Sealing spaces in doors will put a stop to heat loss and drafts. When the seasons change you don't have to worry about removing seals — they work great to keep out dust and pollen too.
  • Residential window film: Window protectants are excellent insulators and widely available. Michigan Glass Coatings can help you choose and install the perfect film for your home. Window coatings keep out the cold, block drafts, and do so without preventing light from entering your home. 

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