Window Film Future

Where window film can go in the next five years

Window film is already an extremely practical and affordable technology, one that serves a variety of purposes ranging from UV rejection, to improved glass security, to decoration. Much of the technology that has allowed such advances has come in recent years, and according to Patric Fransko of Window Film Magazine, that trend will continue in the years to come. He explores this in an article on projected technological developments that might take place by 2020:

  • Photocronic: This feature is very similar to those in transition lenses; the window film would darken its tint when exposed to certain kinds of light, only protecting that which is inside when necessary.
  • "Smart Glass": This would allow for home or business owners to switch their windows from perfectly clear to entirely opaque in a matter of moments, which could prove useful for a multitude of reasons, including solar control and privacy.
  • Photovoltaic: This technology could take the energy efficiency of window films to a whole new level. Like a solar panel, these window films would be able to harness the sun and utilize exposure of your house to the benefit of your energy bill.
  • Daylighting: "This would allow you to take the natural light hitting the glass surfaces of a building and redirect it into the interior space deeper than would typically be possible," says Fransko, which in turn would reduce the need for electricity usage and increase energy savings. This kind of offering in window films could become a staple in the industry over the next few years.

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