Company Branding

Is your business missing out on a key branding opportunity?

In today's competitive marketplace, businesses need to get the most they can out of their existing assets, and this includes the office space itself. With demand exceeding supply for commercial space in many downtown areas, including Detroit, office rental rates have increased dramatically, making it even more important to ensure that you are using the space to maximum benefit. 

Not only do 3M window films offer a variety of cost benefits, including trapping up to 35 percent of indoor heat inside a room and reflecting up to 79 percent of solar heat, they can also be leveraged as an effective branding and marketing tool. Your business' exterior windows can be transformed into advertising for your brand, sharing your message with the public and creating thousands of new impressions. With a custom commercial window film, businesses can proudly announce their presence in a community. 

Of course, your office likely also has interior glass that is not being utilized to its full potential. A privacy window film on conference room windows can help keep business meetings on track and employees focused on the work in front of them. Films on desk partition windows or glass walls between departments can also sport designs that reinforce your company's mission and values, serving as a reminder to teams of the importance of their work and how they contribute to a larger goal. 

At Michigan Glass Coatings, our window films can help you create a more brand-aligned and cohesive office space. Combined with the security and efficiency benefits that 3M window films offer, our solutions have become a must-have for a growing number of successful businesses. 

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