Minnesota Vikings Stadium

New Vikings’ stadium looking at 3M window films

The Wadena Pioneer Journal recently reported that the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has engaged in talks with 3M and the Audubon Society concerning the installations of window films at the new stadium. Environmental groups have previously expressed concerns that the stadium's large walls of glass represent a hazard to migrating birds. 

Birds are unable to distinguish between actual objects and reflections, and the stadium's 190,000 square feet of transparent glass could create a problem. Matthew Anderson, executive director of Audubon Minnesota, said that the area is located in a "superhighway" for migrating birds, and pointed to research showing that more than 980 million birds die each year in North America as a result of running into buildings.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has ruled out the use of "fritted" glass suggested by environmentalists, claiming that it would both ruin the visual impact of the new stadium as well as add over $60 million to the project's cost. 3M window films would provide a solutions at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining the transparent, open feel that the designers intended. 

Anderson said that many details were left to iron out but that "we've got the right players having the right conversation." 

Construction costs are expected to exceed over $1 billion, and any further delays could significantly add to that total. Fortunately, 3M window films can not only preserve the original vision of the architect, but provide numerous other benefits, including screening out up to 99 percent of ultraviolet light, trapping heat inside during Minnesota's cold winter months and preventing sharding in the event that a pane is broken. 

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