Window Film Protection

How can window film improve the security of your business?

Windows aren't usually associated with strength and durability. For most properties, they are in fact the opposite: an easy target for anyone with illicit intentions, that leaves homes and businesses vulnerable to theft. So what are some people doing to address that worry?

3M, a leader in the industry of window films, has created a type of glass coating that is specifically designed to keep glass shards together should a window be broken. The film-fortified window can act as a deterrent towards criminals not expecting such resistance from what usually is a weak point.

Security window film has proven to be effective, leading to a rise in sales, especially recently, according to Casey Flores, Editor in Chief of Window Film Magazine. As the article puts forth, "buildings with security film fare far better than those without and in some cases, looters will give up and move on to a building that's easier to break into."

Performing a customized installation of security window film can be a difficult task to undertake, however. That's where we come in. Michigan Glass Coatings has been the preferred window film installation service in the metro Detroit area for nearly 35 years, and we have the experience and know-how to provide your property with the benefit of heightened safety with our 3M security films.

If you feel your Michigan property is in need of an upgrade in protection, give us a call. We install our window films in as expeditious a manner as possible, and make sure each of our projects lives up to our motto: "Quality is a Clear View."

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