Cost-effective Window Film

Experts predict window film usage will grow

Given its cost-effectiveness and discreet nature, window film is quickly becoming a popular alternative to replacement windows. Industry professionals recently met to share their knowledge as well as earn accreditations from the International Window Film Association (IWFA), the Association explains in its press release.

Window film is made from high-tech, polyester materials. It easily adheres to window glazing and offers a range of benefits, including energy savings, safety and security.

Experts on the subject recently got together for a two-day conference in Kind of Prussia, Pennsylvania, open to all dealer members of the IWFA. The event touched on a range of topics, including solar control, security window films and automotive window film.

"The window film industry is seeing increased growth, so ready access to accredited window film professional installers is a cornerstone of our profession," said Jack Mundy, chair of the IWFA Members Action Committee. "While IWFA educational events are open to all window film professionals, our members have the added advantage of being featured on the IWFA website's dealer locator, which helps consumers find a qualified installer in their area." 

Working with an IWFA accredited dealer gives a potential customer confidence in his or her decision, knowing that the dealer has completed testing regarding the proper uses and technical properties of window films.

As we mentioned recently on this blog, Michigan Glass Coatings was named a top window film dealer by Window Film Magazine in 2013. We have been serving customers for over 35 years and carry the industry leading 3M window film products. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of window film for your home, office or business. 

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