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Protect your property this Halloween with window film

October 31 marks another Halloween. Casey Flores wrote an article in Window Film Magazine about how property owners can stave off the holiday's less savory elements, including vandalism and graffiti. 

Flores spoke with window film dealers to learn how property owners should increase their protection. 

In general, bus stops and businesses nearby seem to get particularly hard hit by graffiti, and not just during Halloween. 

"A good place to look for graffiti is around bus stops," says Steve Chambers. "People that have businesses near bus stops get hit all the time. People waiting for the bus [tag] the glass." Businesses with scratched glass can also benefit from window film being installed, Chambers explains. 

Elizabeth Dillon, who works in window film sales and marketing, affirms that it's important to apply window film in areas that experience a high level of graffiti vandalism year-round.

Hillary Thomas takes a similar position to Dillon. "If there's a place that [tends to] get vandalized during Halloween then anti-graffiti film is a great solution," Thomas says.  "If it's not vandalized, [customers] can leave it up there to provide protection throughout the year."

As 3M explains, its Anti Graffiti & Surface Protection Series offers many benefits to property owners. Mainly, it protects glass surfaces from graffiti, such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges in retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. Additionally, it works as a protective barrier in elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops.

To learn more about the benefits of commercial window film, contact Michigan Glass Coatings. We will find the right solution for you and answer any questions you may have. 

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