Window Film Helps Prevent Fading of Floors and Furnishings

Want a clear window film? Consider 3M Prestige line of films

Rejecting solar heat, reducing fading and adding a valuable layer of protection to your home: 3M Prestige Window Film offers these and many other benefits. For those looking for a clear window film, 3M's Prestige line may be the solution. It offers the benefits of sun control films, yet with one important difference—whereas sun control films have high reflectivity, 3M Prestige films have low interior reflectivity. In turn, this leads to a clear view, during both day and night.

These are some of the benefits of Prestige line films, compiled from 3M's website

• Clear views, from morning to evening
• Rejecting harmful UV rays to protect skin and furnishings
• Reducing solar heat spots and glare
• Inviting warmth and natural light into the room 
• Avoiding heavy window coverings

3M is a leading producer of window films. As the company explains, it developed the Prestige line to both maintain the benefits of sun control films and add a new capability: "interior reflectivity to allow for clear, unobstructed views." In addition, the films are color-stable, which cuts down on the problem of fading which can happen with dyed films. Moreover, customers have the option of three shades—NV-15, NV-25, NV-35 and Prestige 40, 50, 60, 70—ranging from darkest to lightest. Finally, commercial buildings benefit from a 12-year warranty, while residential customers have more limited warranties.

Michigan commercial window film installers can help you choose the right window film for your needs. An authorized 3M window film dealer, Michigan Glass Coatings can help you install 3M Prestige films for your office or home. Contact us to learn more.

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