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Study: Daylight has a positive impact on health and sleep

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) recently announced findings from a controlled study of office workers, determining how daylight exposure impacted their overall health and sleep. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine carried out the study, while the IWFA expanded on key takeaways in a press release

The study found that office workers in windowless environments reported physical problems and diminished sleep quality. "In comparison, workers with windows at the workplace had more light exposure during the workweek resulting in more productivity and longer sleep duration as measured by the research team," the IWFA's release explains.

One of the study's main takeaways was that building managers should focus on architectural design, in particular ensuring a high degree of daylight, which "support[s] their [workers'] productivity, health and well-being." Window films are one solution for accomplishing this.

"Letting in abundant daylight into offices is very much desired, but may present a real problem for those who don't want to have harmful UV rays, glare and hotspots negatively impacting their workers' comfort and health," explains Darrell Smith, the executive director of the IWFA. "Despite the myths that window film makes indoor spaces dark, window films can let in ample natural sunlight without the downside risks of harmful UV rays that can damage the skin and eyes, cause hotspots, glare and lead to higher energy costs."

Window films offer many advantages. They give buildings and homes a uniform, sleek look, without the clutter of shades, curtains and other options. In addition, they require low human maintenance, but perform at a high level 24/7. Finally, they reduce glare by 50 percent, yet still allow in 30 to 80 percent of visible light and block harmful UV rays. 

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