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Utility company partners with The International Window Film Association to offer rebates

On October 6, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) announced that it is partnering with Dominion Virginia Power's Non-Residential Window Film Rebate Program that offers, on average, $2,100 toward the installation of window films which reduce energy demand.

Window films are a cost-effective solution to improving energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Darrell Smith, the executive director of the IWFA, spoke to these benefits.

"Many older commercial buildings have windows that are structurally fine, but waste energy," said Smith. "After installing window film, they may meet today's more efficient energy standards, without the need for new windows. Replacing windows can be cost-prohibitive or even structurally impractical, as the weight of new, thicker windows may go beyond the building's rated load capacity," Smith explained.

Installing window films is far less costly than replacing the entire window. The IWFA explains that window film is typically 91.5 percent less expensive than new windows. Window film works to reduce energy consumption by significantly lowering solar heat gain, in turn cutting cooling costs by 30 percent or more. It also diminishes harmful UV exposure, solar hot spots and glare, which can negatively impact both workers and residents.

By blocking UV light, window films help protect furnishings, which suffer wear and tear due to UV rays. Finally, one of the unique advantages of window film—compared to alternatives such as blinds—is that it still allows in natural light.

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