Discreet Window Films

Choose window films for a discreet option

Window films can save you money and due to their discreet appearance, you may even forget that they’re there, explains Marni Jameson in an article for The Denver Post.

How do window films—which reject UV rays, while still allowing in natural light—manage to retain their virtually invisible appearance? Jameson spoke with Darrell Smith, executive director of the International Window Film Association, for answers to this and other questions.

Smith also cleared up some common misconceptions regarding window film, including the belief that window films affect color—which is incorrect. Window films are transparent and have no effect on color. However, this was the case years ago, Smith explained. It used to be that window films used a dark color to screen for harmful kinds of UV light, while other films added metal to deflect damaging light.

So, what has changed?

“The harmful rays are still absorbed or reflected, but this work is done outside of the visible light spectrum,” Smith asserts.

Today, technology has evolved so that home and business owners can enjoy the benefits of window films whose appearance is virtually undetectable. For example, 3M’s Prestige Series maintains the original look of your home by combining lower than glass reflectivity with film that allows the majority of natural light into your home. Moreover, 3M Prestige Window Film uses non-metallized, multi-layer optical film, together with nanotechnology, to reject 60 percent of the sun’s infrared light.

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