Energy Bills

Window treatments that lower your energy bills

There are several window treatment options that can help reduce your monthly energy bills, in addition to providing other benefits. Julie Kim, a Houzz Contributor, discusses several of these solutions on Forbes' website.

One option that Kim highlights is High Reflectivity Film, which works especially well on large windows. Since the film offers a permanent solution, reducing heat gain year round, including during the winter, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) suggests its use in climates with long cooling seasons.

In addition, Kim points out that mirror-like film is more effective than transparent film. The films work particularly well on large windows, including garages, where cool temperatures are needed.

Further, she adds that east and west-facing windows are the ideal locations for the installation of high-reflectivity films. This is because the east and west sides of buildings get the most sunlight, writes spark energy, an electricity and natural gas provider. Since they retain the highest amount of heat, relative to other sides, they stand to benefit the most from high-reflectivity window films, asserts the Department of Energy

Moreover, what makes window treatments, including high-reflectivity films, even better options is that they are less expensive than installing new energy-efficient windows. At the same time, they can add nice aesthetic touches to your home. 

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