Why 3M leads the window film industry

As an authorized 3M dealer, our customers often ask us what makes 3M such a good product. Ultimately, there are a combination of factors that have made 3M the industry leader in window films. 

First, 3M were the first to produce clear and metal-free window films that, while blocking heat and UV rays, still allow in natural light in commercial buildings and homes. The Editors at Buildings.com explain that 3M leverages advanced capabilities in nanotechnology, adhesives, multi-layer optical films and precision manufacturing to create their films, which are thinner than a Post-it® Note. The company's Prestige series rejects 97 percent of the sun's infrared light, resulting in improved occupant comfort and lower energy bills. 

The Editors at Buildings.com also rated 3M's commercial window film. They gave high ratings in four categories: effectiveness, aesthetics, available options and energy savings.

One editor was impressed by the film's ability to lower heat gain during hours of peak sunlight. Others commented on the impressive invisibility of the films. While the films take on a a light bluish tint, it was "virtually unnoticeable" the editors said, explaining that it did not lower the films' aesthetics.

The editors also noted 3M's wide variety of offerings, and how the solutions offer flexibility in terms of the visible light they transmitted: "This line of window films offers enough choices that you can stick with the same brand and still get what you need for each and every window in your portfolio." 

Energy savings was the third category the editors rated highly, adding that the films also protect interior products and furnishings.

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