West Virginia School District

West Virginia school district chooses window films

Previously, we have written about how window films can increase protection for homes, commercial businesses, schools and government buildings. As schools adopt a greater focus on safety and security, many of them are looking for effective and economical solutions.

The Harrison County Board of Education in West Virginia has recently chosen 3M Safety and Security Window Films as the solution for its schools’ needs. The films are designed to hold glass together when intruders attempt to break through, and windows with the film are more difficult to get through.

Ken Winkie, Head of Safety and Discipline of the Harrison School Board, explained what the schools would gain through having the films installed.

“Our new schools in the state of West Virginia are getting this at their entrances and critical areas of windows and doors.” Winkie said, adding that the film “slows somebody up from coming in and [allows authorities] […] to try and get a first responder there to act on the outside of the school as opposed to dealing with a situation inside the schools.”

The other safety measure the school board is taking is to have police officers on-site at Liberty High School and the Alternative Learning Center. Winkie emphasized that the students would benefit from having the same police officer present at the school: “It’s a constant face, the same face. The students get to recognize that person.”

Describing the main goal of these safety measures, Harrison Superintendent Mark Manchin said: “It’s all about safety, it’s all about our children, it’s all about their welfare.”

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