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Three more answers to common window film questions

In previous posts, we have offered answers to common window film questions, including "why do commercial customers choose window film?," "how long does it take for most window films to dry?," "how long does 3M Window Film last?," "how do I clean window films?" and "what is the warranty for 3M Window Film?"

Now we will explore three additional questions, from 3M's FAQs page:

How do 3M Sun Control Films work? 3M Sun Control Films work by reducing the solar heat gain allowed by window glass. They do this by increasing the solar reflection and absorption through the glass, 3M explains. In addition, 3M Sun Control Films have the advantage of being transparent and optically clear. The ultraviolet protection — a component of Sun Control Films — increases durability and provides UV protection for the furnishings in your home or office. 

Will 3M films stop my furniture from fading? While there is no solution that completely prevents fading, 3M Window Films get at the root causes of fading: mainly, ultra violet light, visible light and solar heat. In turn, they preserve the condition of your furnishings for two to five times as long.

Does 3M make window films? 3M is the industry leader in window films. Issued the first patent for the materials in 1966, 3M has established itself as the only manufacturer of polyesters, adhesives, metals and scratch-resistant coatings. 3M also works with carefully screened authorized dealers, trained to install your 3M window film. 

Michigan Glass is an authorized 3M window film dealer and a member of the Prestige Dealer Network. Contact us today to learn more about your residential and commercial window film options. 

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