Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University installs window films

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has recently installed window films on many of its buildings, the institution's newsletter reports. The Office of Sustainability and the Sustainable Hopkins Infrastructure Program (SHIP), a student group supporting sustainable infrastructure, led the installation efforts. The films were installed on the Ralph S. O'Connor Recreation Center and the Glass Pavilion. Films were previously applied, in 2013, to the Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH) Wolfe Street Building.

Responding to complaints that air conditioning systems were not working effectively, the University turned to window films to correct the problem. The problem was particularly apparent at BSPH, whose large, east-facing windows expose workers to significant sunlight.

"The sun comes up in the morning, shines deep into the office, heats up everything, and it takes the rest of the day for the air conditioning to catch up," Ed Kirk, Johns Hopkins' energy manager and member of the Office of Sustainability, explained. The University selected 3M films for BSPH.

The window films met the University's expectations and more, leading to considerable energy savings. 

While application costs totaled $146,956, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) covered half of the expenses through a rebate. Furthermore, the films will save approximately $46,584 annually in energy costs. This amounts to a payback period of less than two years—an impressive statistic. 

Window films also require minimal occupant maintenance, another reason why the University's student group selected them, rather than window blinds or shades.

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