Ideal Home

How to create your ideal home

We recently wrote about how you can incorporate window films into your home's remodel. Window films are an increasingly popular solution for homeowners looking to lower their home's sun exposure and increase security in a cost-effective way. Adam Verwynmeren of Fox News lists installing sun control window films, which reduce excess sunlight, as one of the top moves homeowners can make to improve their living environment.

Too much sunshine can actually present problems for homeowners. For example, it can disturb sleep, increase your home's temperature and force you to run the AC more than you would like. Fox suggests installing heat-control window films as a solution to these problems. 

Another way to improve your home is dust busting, which you can do through a high-quality air purifier. Those with HEPA filters are able to sap up the finest articles, eliminating irritants which cause allergic reactions and may increase your difficulty breathing. By vacuuming your carpets often, you also cut down on dust.

Like dust, odors are another bother for homeowners. However, cutting down on them can be as simple as using baking soda or a carpet deodorizing power. 

Finally, all homeowners dread mold, but removing it is both simple and cheap. A solution of diluted bleach (one cup bleach per one gallon of water) removes mold from shower walls and other surfaces. Since bleach can discolor fabrics, be sure wear old clothes when you do this.

Dust busting, removing odors and mold are all DIY projects, but installing window films requires an authorized window film dealer. Michigan Glass Coatings is an expert in residential and commercial window film installation, a 3M authorized window film dealer and member of the Prestige Dealer Network. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of residential window film. 

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