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Ford Motor Company installs window films to improve employee comfort

The Ford Motor Company chose to install window films at its 40-year-old headquarters in Detroit. A 12-story building made completely of glass, Ford needed a solution that improved employee comfort throughout the year. In particular, glare from the sun was making it difficult for employees to view their computer screens.

Ford chose to have 3M window film installed on each of its 3,083 windows, covering some 83,000 square feet of glass.

Ford points to two concrete benefits since installing the films in 1997: improved employee comfort and reduced energy consumption. The company reports that reductions to energy consumption could save it as much as $57,000 in utility costs each year.

Whereas before installation, Ford could only keep the building at 80 degrees during the summer, with the films, it can keep the facility at 72 degrees even on 90-degree days.

Ford also reports that the window films have aesthetic and practical benefits. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the building, the films have solved the problem of glare preventing employees from viewing their computer screens. Previously, in the company’s Trading Room, employees could not open drapes as this let in sunlight, making it challenging to view the screens. With the window films, this is no longer a problem and employees can enjoy beautiful views from their offices.

Greater occupant comfort and lower utility costs are just some of the many benefits of 3M window film. If you are interested in learning more about 3m Window Film Installation in Michigan and how window films can improve your office, business or home, contact Michigan Glass Coatings. Explore our website, and contact us at 248-364-6667 to learn more about your window film options.

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