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Window films increase security for government workers

With rising energy standards, it’s becoming increasingly important for facility managers to reduce their buildings’ energy consumption. Building managers also need solutions that improve tenant comfort and productivity. Government workers, in particular, benefit from the installation of window films, from a comfort and productivity standpoint, as well as through the increased security and protection that window films provide.

So what are the options available to government facility managers, and what are some of their principle benefits?

3M Sun Control Windows. These films provide significant energy savings. 3M explains that users can “save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun.” Additionally, sun control films improve  worker comfort. They do this by helping to reduce glare on computer screens and by minimizing solar hot spots, areas with greater heat concentrations because of the building’s directional orientation relative to the sun.

3M Safety and Security Window Films. Facilities managers consider government workers’ security a top priority, and this series provides:

  • Bomb blast protection
  • Severe weather protection which minimizes flying glass caused by severe weather, including windstorms
  • Crime deterrence by impeding easy access through windows
  • Graffiti management

3M Fasara Decorative Window Films. For building and facility managers wanting to improve both their offices’ aesthetic appeal and workflow, the Fasara series is an excellent choice. This series is incredibly versatile and far less expensive than replacing the full window. In addition, the films offer privacy, improved workflow and productivity.

As an authorized window 3M window film leader, Michigan Glass Coatings is able to answer your questions about the installation process. Explore our website, or contact us at 248-364-6667, to learn more about your government window film options.

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