Improve Occupant Comfort

Oklahoma organization installs window film to improve occupant comfort

As we have discussed in many past articles, window film offers numerous benefits, from rejecting harmful UV rays to lowering utility costs. In Tom Flesher’s case, solar window film offered the solution to an important concern: occupant comfort. Flesher is the owner’s representative and director of new construction at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City.

Facilities Net explains that Flesher had films installed on the building’s east-facing windows on each floor. Wanting to improve comfort for his laboratory and office workers, Flesher hoped that the films would cut indoor temperatures. Flesher noted: “The morning sun is pretty hot, so we used solar film to cut down on heat load for employees.” In addition, the films were installed in other solar hot spots, notably a west-facing conference room which attracted a high level of heat in the afternoons.

Flesher chose a film with a high solar energy rejection rate of 64.5 percent, and he relayed its positive effects in lowering temperatures: “We can feel that the temperature has dropped in areas where the film was installed.” He added that it’s also reduced the amount the AC had to work.

Both in terms of achieving its main purpose and meeting quality expectations, the film has performed at a high level. Employee comfort has improved as a result of the films. In addition, the films themselves have held up well, as there has been no peeling, cracking or bubbling, and their slight tinting has not been noticeable against the background of the gray-tinted window glass.

Improving occupant comfort and reducing AC costs are just a couple of the benefits of 3M solar film. Explore our website, and contact us at 248-364-6667 to learn more about your commercial window film options.

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