Window Film

The benefits of window film for your office

Window films offer many benefits for your office. In a previous article, we discussed how you can use glass to make your office partitions less obtrusive, while still providing privacy. In turn, this optimizes workflow, as well as contributes a nice aesthetic addition to your office.

Many building managers choose glass films rather than solid glass or standard walls because they provide many of the benefits of regular partitions without the drawbacks.

While buildings and cubicles constructed out of solid glass were designed to promote a feeling of openness, Healthcare Construction + Operations explains that this diminishes privacy — a necessary condition for workers experiencing autonomy as well as better productivity. By contrast, standard walls provide total privacy but may make employees feel disconnected and cut off from one another.

However, an ideal office environment balances the need for privacy with creating a space that fosters openness and collaboration.

Decorative window film meets these requirements, fulfilling the needs both for privacy and openness. Decorative films provide the necessary degree of privacy, while still offering the openness created by glass dividers.

In addition, they enhance the aesthetic quality of your office, as the films can be put on clear glass to create a etched-glass or frosted pattern. There are a variety of other designs you can choose from as well.

If you are interested in learning more about decorative and commercial window film options, contact Michigan Glass Coatings. We are an authorized window film dealer and a member of the 3M Prestige Dealer Network.

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