Incorporate window films into your remodeling

In May, in honor of National Home Improvement Month, we wrote a blog post with guidelines for remodeling projects. We emphasized the importance of determining your goals, hiring a certified contractor and establishing a budget. In addition, we touched on how residential window films can be incorporated into your project.

Now, we want to discuss why more and more homeowners are choosing window film as a solution to their needs.

Residential window films offer many benefits, including guarding against excess sun exposure, reducing your energy bills and improving your home’s security. Why are these capabilities so important?

Excess sunlight is know to cause hot spots within your home and fade your interior furnishings. By installing window films — which block up to 99 percent of UV radiation — you improve occupant comfort and preserve your decor for many more years. Moreover, 3M sun control window films can lower cooling costs by up to 30 percent, explains 3M.

Another advantage of 3M window film is the security they add. Windows are one of the more vulnerable areas of your home, but by installing 3M safety film, you reduce the risk of potential intruders and limit weather related damages. 3M safety & security film holds panes in place to minimize flying glass​ during severe weather and accidents.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of 3M residential window film, contact Michigan Glass Coatings. As an authorized 3M window film dealer, we have helped homeowners across Michigan with their window film needs.

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