Five Common Window Film Questions

Answers to five common window film questions: Part 2

In a previous blog post, we provided answers to five common window film questions. We answered the following: “how window films get installed”, “can I install window films myself?”, “does ultraviolet protection lose its efficacy over time?”, “how do 3M Safety Film and 3M Security Window Film work?” and “can having window films lower my utility bills?”

Now we will address five more common questions, compiled from 3M’s FAQs page:

Why do commercial customers choose window film? While there are many reasons, some of the main ones are reduced heating and cooling costs, improved worker and occupant comfort, better safety and security, and longer A/C equipment life.

How long does it take for most window films to dry? Usually the process takes about 30 days and at the most 45. After this period, most films have had the time to dry and cure. Small bubbles or a hazy-like appearance are normal and go away as the material dries.

How long does 3M Window Film last? 3M window film is durable and made from very high-quality materials. Most applications last for many years.

How do I clean window films? Wait 30 days after installation before cleaning. You can use household cleaning products, including ammonia-based solutions. However, do not use abrasive products, as they can scratch the surface of the film.

What is the warranty for 3M Window Film? Warranty covers window films against such incidents as bubbling, peeling, cracking, crazing as well as discoloration. If the product is found defective, 3M and your authorized dealer will replace the film and perform an installation free of charge within the warranty period.

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