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Window films for your design goals

Perhaps you’re aware of the energy and cost-saving benefits of window films, but did you know that window films are also a highly versatile decorative option? With window films, you can change the style without replacing the window itself. Plus, this comes at a fraction of the price of replacing the full window.

One of the leading industry options is the 3M Fasara Decorative series. Property managers, commercial business owners and interior designers have chosen this option to create a range of looks for their companies, using them as privacy films, partitions for their offices and in conference rooms. In addition, window films are a cost-efficient choice, as they are more economical than etched glass, while offering additional benefits.

Many office managers choose to install decorative film on internal glass. In a previous blog post, we discussed the advantages of internal glass dividers. Above all, they add privacy, optimize workflow and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any office space. Moreover, for many workers, window films are a preferable alternative to solid dividers because they still allow sunlight in, helping increase productivity.

Owners and interior designers may also choose to install decorative film in conference rooms and on curtainwalls. The Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) explains that applying glass coatings to your curtainwalls offers significant benefits. Industry experts consider window films a best practice for achieving improved sustainability, energy savings and occupant comfort.

“The best strategy for sustainability of curtain walls is to employ good design practices to ensure the durability (maximum service life) of the installation,” Nik Vigener writes. “Also, the use of low-e and spectrally selective glass coatings can significantly reduce energy loads and improve comfort close to the wall.”

Aesthetic appeal and energy savings are just a couple of the benefits of installing decorative window films. Explore our website, and contact us at 248-364-6667, to learn more about your decorative and commercial window film options.

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