Window film can help homeowners prepare for the worst storms

While hurricanes don't often reach as far inland as Michigan, several tropical storms have struck the state over the last few decades. Storms coming in off the Great Lakes, as well as increasingly severe weather all across the nation, make it imperative that homeowners do everything they can to protect their houses, particularly their windows, from damage. While those directly affected by the worst hurricanes find window shutters to be essential, in areas affected by lesser winds and rain, high-quality, shatter-resistant window safety film is beneficial.

The Naples Daily News recently offered homeowners some tips on protecting their windows for hurricanes, including residential window film on their list of suggestions. While film isn't on the list of approved hurricane protection for single-family housing, it does significantly reduce the risk of shattered glass, which can help eliminate secondary damage caused by a broken window. Installing shatter-resistant 3m security film ensures that windows can take a stronger impact, holding glass together should a storm cause a tree branch or other object to strike the window. Furthermore, these solutions can be implemented without changing the appearance of one's home, unlike storm shutters and other methods of protection.

There are many other benefits to installing 3M window film as well, including heat preservation and UV protection. Window film can reduce heat penetration into a home by up to 60 percent, helping keep homes cool in the summer should a storm knock out the power, while blocking 97 percent of UV rays in order to nearly eliminate hot spots altogether.

Between reducing damage from a storm and helping keep it cool and comfortable, the benefits of window film are difficult to ignore. As storm season approaches, homeowners should invest in protecting their home soon.

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