Increase Energy Efficiency

For Architects and Designers: Part 2

While overheated offices are a real problem, there are cost-effective solutions. Window films, which reduce solar heat gain and increase energy efficiency, are one such solution. These films are becoming increasingly popular among architects and designers since they offer many benefits. Applied to the interior of the window, the films work by reflecting and absorbing heat as well as helping maintain a comfortable temperature in the building.

Now we will explore one of the lesser known benefits of window films: helping maintain an even temperature.

Architects know that a building’s directional orientation relative to the sun has the potential to create “hot spots.” These are areas that receive more sunlight than others, and they, together with the HVAC system, have an impact on occupant comfort. If the HVAC system is not sophisticated enough, as many are not, occupant comfort will be negatively affected by these hot spots. Steve Debusk, an energy solutions manager, explains this type of scenario:

“If a building has mainly large glass areas facing north and south, additional cooling may be needed to maintain comfort for offices on the southern exposure. In situations like this, offices on the northern exposure are typically overcooled and uncomfortable. By reducing the solar heat gain on south facing offices, the air conditioning system is better able to maintain comfortable conditions for all.”

In addition to improving occupant comfort, window films are also proven to increase energy efficiency. Given their ability to reduce energy costs, they are popular as a retrofit option. You can also get money back if you have window films installed, explains Debusk, as many utility companies “offer significant incentives and rebates.”

Absorbing heat, maintaining an even temperature and cutting energy costs are just a few of the benefits of 3m solar film. Explore our website: , and contact us at 248-364-6667 to learn more about your commercial window film options.

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