Home security isn’t the only benefit of residential window film

Shatterproof 3M window film can be installed to help prevent burglars from breaking in, but the plethora of options at Michigan Glass Coatings can do more than improve your home's security. From privacy to adding a decorative flair, these options are ideal for many in-home uses.

By installing clear or colored window film, homeowners can accomplish several things. Privacy window film can prevent people from looking into the windows in certain rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, while still letting light in. Decorative film can add a different touch to rooms throughout your house: A colorful glass coating on your front door or sidelights provides a traditional element, or a more modern design on a sliding glass door can bring visual interest to this purely functional area. Furthermore, 3M prestige window film offers complete solar protection to reduce heat from entering your home during the summer and cutting harmful UV rays year-round.

Of course, 3M window film in particular has its own benefits. Traditional home window film is reflective, acting much like a mirror to those looking out windows. 3M's collection of residential films are all significantly less reflective than other brands, with a mere 1 percent higher reflectivity than uncoated glass. Some styles have even less reflectivity than glass.

By installing high-quality window film you can not only protect your home but improve its lighting, sun protection and visual appeal. Always be sure to have your coating installed by an authorized 3M window film dealer, such as Michigan Glass Coatings.

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