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University of Colorado installs window films

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the many benefits of window film, from keeping harmful UV rays out to providing a security buffer. We have also talked about how window films are an effective and cost-efficient option for schools. A case study from the University of Colorado at Boulder campus highlights how colleges are now also benefiting from installing window films.

In a case study on Facilities Net, Moe Tabrizi, the director of campus engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, explains that the opportunity for increased occupant comfort and energy savings led him to install solar window films on some twelve campus buildings.

Previously, occupants dealt with warm or cool temperatures, which energy audits around the campus revealed. These problem areas helped Tabrizi decide the buildings that most needed window films. He chose to install films that rejected between 55 percent and 64.5 percent of solar energy.

Window films also improved classroom conditions within the University’s buildings by reducing glare from whiteboards. While not darkening the rooms, the window films lowered the glare so that students could view the boards.

Museums were another area that benefited. Window films accomplish an important purpose within museums: Protecting the valuable artwork contained inside. “The film’s 99 percent ultraviolet rejection rating helps protect artwork on display in the museums,” Facilities Net explains.

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