Commercial window films for your Detroit, MI building or office: 5 benefits

Commercial window films for your Detroit, MI building or office: 5 benefits

Want a multi-faceted solution to your building or office’s needs? Rather than buying many different products, which quickly add up, invest in a solution that serves multiple purposes. One of these options is commercial window film. These films, especially the industry-leading 3M series, provide increased tenant comfort, prevent harmful incoming UV rays and act as a safety buffer. In addition they are energy efficient and offer an excellent return on investment.

Here are the top five benefits of 3M Commercial Window Films:

Increased tenant comfort. Window films help increase tenant comfort by maintaining an even temperature throughout a building. Window films correct for “hot spots,” caused by the building’s directional orientation. With window films, your tenants will enjoy a more even temperature and not have to deal with the sun’s glare.

Keep out harmful UV rays. Another benefit of window films is their blockage of harmful UV rays. They help reject 99 percent of these rays. This will also help preserve the quality of your furnishings, which can be damaged by intense sunlight.

Provide safety and security. Certain kinds of window film also provide increased safety. 3M Safety Film holds the window’s glass together and is less easily shattered. Demonstrating its security effectiveness, 3M Safety film has been installed in 200 U.S. schools since March 2013, reports School Construction News.

Energy efficient. Window films are also an affordable energy-efficient option, something that’s becoming increasingly important with the rise of energy efficiency standards.

Return on investment. Finally, you can get money back if you install commercial window films. Utility companies may offer rebates, so check for these.

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